Project Brief

I was tasked with delivering a custom wedding RSVP platform, allowing the bride and groom complete control over their wedding guests RSVPs. I opted to use Ruby on Rails for this project because of how quickly I could produce a minimum viable product (MVP) to launch on Heroku. To keep RSVPs to just invited guests, a unique identifier was supplied on the digital invitation. With that identifier, wedding guest could create an account, and when logged in, could fill out a form supplying the necessary information for the couples special day.

Project Details

Complete Control

The couple was given access to an administrative dashboard where they could monitor their wedding guests RSVPs. The guest count automatically tallied as each guest accepted with party size. The couple also had control over their custom blog, complete with a comment system.

Wedding Day Details

Of course, the most important part is the details of the day. The front-end was built around showcasing the ceremony/reception details, and information regarding gift registries.

Unique Experience

Throughout the entire process, great care was taken to make the couple, and their guests feel that their experience was unique.

Email Solutions

Account creation confirmation emails and password resets were sent using SendGrid. Having a mailer system that integrated with Rails and Heroku allowed for a minimal setup.