Howdy! *tips hat*

I’m Chris Ellinger, a creative developer and sometimes designer of web things. I’m currently taking on freelance projects as well as being a contract developer for the awesome team at Braid.

I enjoy crafting beautiful, unique web experiences to help you stand out amongst the crowd. I treat each project I take on with the thought and care I give my own projects. I have worked with HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress, PHP,  Rails, Node, Vue, React, Sass, Pug, Gulp, Webpack; seriously — I could keep going. Needless to say, I don’t shy away from new languages or technologies.

I’ve worked on both projects large and small, solo and apart of a team. I truly love what I do and do everything in my power to make sure it shows in every step of the projects I take on.

I live in Charlottesville, VA with my beautiful wife. When I’m not coding, I enjoy going to breweries, spending time with family, and trying not to take myself too seriously.